2019 Results

Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition
2019 Winners and Honorable Mentions

This year the Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition received over 800 entries from the United States and around the world, including: Canada, Poland, Peru, South Korea, Australia, The West Indies, Finland, Japan, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Ireland, Malaysia, Russia, Germany, Nigeria, France, The Netherlands, New Zealand, India, Switzerland, Italy, England, Ukraine, Cyprus, Scotland, Brazil, Austria, Kyrgyzstan, and Bangladore. If I have missed citing some of the countries represented in our competition, I do apologize.

Thank you to every writer who entered our 2019 competition for your patience in this long judging process. You have been so very kind and understanding. I wish, as always, that I could give an Honorable Mention to each story entered in our competition. For what it is worth, your stories, in all their beauty and sadness and joy and brilliance, never fail to move me, and they each hold an Honorable Mention in my heart.

Thank you, writers all, for keeping the written word alive and for the courage it takes to do so. Congratulations to each of you! You have my unfailing admiration.

~ Lorian


Our first-place winner will receive $1,500 and publication on our competition website. Our second- and third-place winners will receive $500 each.

Please click on the story link below to read tc hand’s 2019 winning story “snow trees”.


photo credit: Rachel Cullman-Clark

tc hand
Lexington, Kentucky
for: “snow trees


Krista Jane May
British Columbia, Canada
for her story: “Baggage Handlers”


P.A. Glazier
Bellevue, Washington
for: “The Golden Hour”


*Please note, as always, that Honorable Mentions are listed in no particular order:

1) Jen Knox
Reynoldsburg, Ohio
for her story: “Grown”

2) Amy H. Peterson
Estherville, Iowa
for her story: “Pulse”

3) Karen Drummond Devers
Portland, Oregon
for her story: “Love Flows Uphill”

4) Will Haynes
Leicestershire, United Kingdom
for his story: “The End”

5) Lucy Velik
Melbourne, Australia
for her story, “Happy Birthday, Grandpa”

6) Jen Knox
Reynoldsburg, Ohio
for her story: “Arcade”

7) Nolan Peterson
Kyiv, Ukraine
for his story: “Win or Lose”

8) M.N. Warner
Colorado Springs, Colorado
for: “Closer Than They Appear”

9) Marcie Friedman
Evanston, Illinois
for her story: “Cutouts”

10) Ethan North (Heather Johnson)
West Sussex, United Kingdom
for: “Taken from Life”

11) RP Harris
San Francisco, California
for: “The Stray”

12) Folakemi Emem-Akpan
Lagos State, Nigeria
for: “Ablaze”

13) Carolyn Taylor-Watts
Ontario, Canada
for her story: “An Unforgivable Sin”

14) Catherine Higgins-Moore
New York, New York
for her story: “All the women are Mommy”

15) Ernie Reynolds
Franklin, Tennessee
for his story: “The Marine”

16) Martin Bergman
for his story: “Vitamins and Supplements”

17) Beliban zu Stolberg
Berlin, Germany
for his story: “deutch traum”

18) Seth Freeman
Pacific Palisades, California
for his story: “Call in the Night”

19) Gracie Bialecki
Paris, France
for her story: “Speed”

20) Joshua Levy
Quebec, Canada
for his story: “Car Crash in a Tim Hortons”

21) Frank Boyce
Olympia, Washington
for his story: April Fool

22) Julia Remizova
Saint Petersburg, Russia
for her story: “Only a Crack”

23) Dave Cuzzolina
Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania
for his story: “The Closet”

24) Michael Zimecki
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
for his story: “Heartless”

25) Ron Berisha
London, United Kingdom
for his story: “Club 13”

26) Jacqueline Koay
Southhampton, United Kingdom
for her story: “Catching Infinity”

27) Maureen McGranaghan
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
for her story: “Fingers Opening”

28) LB Benton
Houston, Texas
for “The Far Edge of the World”

29) Christine G. Convissor
Lake Ann, Michigan
for her story: “Rainey’s Truck Hitch”

30) Anna C. Rumin
Ontario, Canada
for her story: “The Ravelry Club”

31) Theresa Weinhofer
Paxinos, Pennsylvania
for her story: “My Sister’s Tree”

32) Michael Holtzman
Halesite, New York
for his story: “Paper Dolls of the East”

33) Michael C. Reilly
Long Beach, New York
for his story: “Yet, We Still Live”

34) Tamara Draznic
Victoria, Australia
for her story: “Quiet Places”

35) Laura O’Gorman Schwartz
for her story: “Ink/Mud”

36) Harrison Horan
Portland, Oregon
for his story: “God, the blotter, she thought”

37) Mike Futcher
Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
for his story: “The Cherub”

38) Adam Stanley
Rome, Georgia
for his story: “Galatea”

39) Mike Futcher
Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
for his story: “Steinbeck and Other Things”

40) Michael Franich
Milton, Washington
for his story: “Mothers Day”

41) Tilek Cherikov
Bishtek City, Kyrgyzstan
for his story: “Love”

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