2014 Results

Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition
2014 Contest Winners Announced

This year the Lorian Hemingway Short story Competition received 938 entries from the United States and around the world, including Brazil, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, France, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Great Britain, Singapore, Romania, South Africa, Kenya, and many more. We wish we could award an Honorable Mention to each who entrusted their stories to us. Please know that your stories were read with great care and that the memory of them will not fade. Each of you who entered keep the art of fiction alive. And that is no small gift.

Our first-place winner received an award of $1,500 and publication in Cutthroat: A Journal of the Arts. Second and third-place winners each received cash awards of $500. Please know that Honorable Mention are listed in no particular order.


Lizzy Welby: London, United Kingdom, for her story The Breakers


James Carey Doane: Sayville, New York, for his story The Birth of Revenge


Hal Ackerman: Los Angeles, California, for his story A Walk in the Park


  • T. Coulter of New York, New York for her story: “Mountain Goat”
  • Nik Bristow of Austin, Texas for his story: “A Really Good Boy”
  • Dana Fitz Gale of Missoula Montana for his story: “Angel of Barn Four”
  • Jerome D. Powell of Greensboro, North Carolina for his story: “The Wrong Things”
  • Helen Barradell of London, United Kingdom for her story: “County Fair”
  • Michele Wong of British Columbia, Canada for her story: “Let the Anvil Sing”
  • Deb Smith of Middleton, Wisconsin for her story: “Liar’s Paradox”
  • Calvin Haul of Salt Lake City, Utah for his story: “Smolders”
  • Amina Gautier of Chicago, Illinois for her story: “Lost and Found”
  • Adam Stanley of Rome, Georgia for his story: “The Gift”
  • Wayne Raffesberger of San Diego, California for his story: “Plumeria”
  • Luke Magnotto of Bainbridge Island, Washington for his story: “Indian Summer”
  • Hal Howland of Key West, Florida for his story: “Cities”
  • Tia Gonzales of Toronto, Ontario Canada for her story: “An Open Letter to Gloria Steinem”
  • Lacey Thomas of Grand Forks, North Dakota for her story: “In Bloom”
  • Lee Berg of Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania for her story: “Control”
  • Brendan Price of Garristown, County Dublin, Ireland for his story: “Home from War”
  • Sheila Cotton of Little Rock, Arkansas for her story: “Who Are Your People?”
  • Robert Mundy of Omaha, Nebraska for his story: “Steven Spielberg”
  • Roy William Arrington of Lakeland, Florida for his story: “I Was Rich Once”
  • Tom Bierowski of Kempton, Pennsylvania for his story: “The Daniel Ritual”
  • W.R. Widerberg of Dover Heights, Australia for his story: “HOONS”
  • Marty Sinclair of Glasgow, Scotland for his story: “Kind of God”
  • Deborah Ann Percy of Kalamazoo, Michigan for her story: “The Woman Who Loved Paul Simon”
  • Randy Coates of Toronto, Ontario Canada for his story: “Profile”
  • Michael J. Shepley of Sacramento, California for his story: “Bits of Trouble”
  • Ezra Werb of Studio City, California for his story: “Bashert”
  • Diane Rudall of Chicago, Illinois for her story: “Patience Then and Now”
  • Emily K. Jones of Harvard, Massachusetts for her story: “The First Circle”
  • Steve Lautermilch of Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina for his story: “Rings”
  • Dayton Phillips of Cottonwood, California for his story: “dreamstalker” (lower case intentional at the writer’s request)
  • Sarah Schweitzer of Moultonborough, New Hampshire for her story: “Epistaxis”
  • F.J. Schaack of Round Rock, Texas for his story: “Hopper: Of Sunlight, Silence, and Shadows”
  • Lisa A. Mahoney of Key West, Florida for her story: “Stilled Ride”
  • Martine Fournier of Collegeville, Pennsylvania for her story: “The Schoolyard”
  • Marilyn Dorf of Lincoln, Nebraska for her story: “Pickled Beet Tyranny”
  • Barbara E. Litke of New York, New York for her story: “Marry Me, Mama”
  • William W. Kimbrel, Jr. of Granby, Massachusetts for his story: “A Dollar Bet” *Sadly, Mr. Kimbrel’s Honorable Mention is awarded posthumously, but his words and his spirit live on.
  • Ashley Shelby of Hopkins, Minnesota for her story: “Man Without Country”
  • Michael J. Franich of Milton, Washington for his story: “The Dock on the Bay”
  • Ed Pierucci of Kalamazoo, Michigan for his story: “The View from O’Brien’s Castle”
  • Marcus Wiesner of Montclair, New Jersey for his story: “Departing Troy”
  • Ferguson Porter of Palm Springs, California for his story: “Drowning Eloquently”
  • M. Elizabeth Marks of Bensalem, Pennsylvania for her story: “The Daffodils”
  • Rebecca Entel of Chicago, Illinois for her story: “Going Along”
  • Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry of Roanoke, Virginia for her story: “The Night Before Russian Christmas”
  • Erica Hoffmeister (no town provided) for her story: “Roots”
  • Debby Schyman of Virginia Beach, Virginia for her story: “Piecemeal”
  • D.C. Gallant of Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia for her story: “The Lavender Dress”
  • Katherine Swink of Decatur, Georgia for her story: “The Accidentals”
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