2007 Results

Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition
2007 Contest Winners Announced

First Place

Bruce Overby of Los Altos, California, for “Bookmarks”

Second Place

G.L. Osborne of Caulfield South, Victoria, Australia, for “We Were at the Edge of a Gorge”

Third Place

Cecily Anders of Houston, Texas, for “Thump”


(listed in no particular order)

  • Jordan E. Rosenfeld of Morgan Hill, California, for “Shut-ins”
  • Mike Jones of Webster, Texas, for “Who We Left in Amarillo”
  • Marjorie E. Brody of Schertz, Texas, for “In the Underside”
  • Tracey Lion-Cachet of New York, New York, for “Noticed”
  • Caroline Roberts of Knoxville, Tennessee, for “The Dream Carriers”
  • Melissa Jackson Brister of Panama City, Florida, for “Sandcastles”
  • Oji Godwin of London, the United Kingdom, for “Guilt”
  • Eugene Hwang of Norwood, New Jersey, for “Counterclockwise”
  • Nancy McKinley of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, for “Goat Meat”
  • G.L. Osborne of Caulfield South, Victoria, Australia, for “The Feeder”
  • Amina Gautier of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for “A Cup of My Time”
  • Joseph J. Franco of Staten Island, New York, for “Betty’s Dead”
  • Stephen A. Baker of Pleasant Hill, California, for “First Love”
  • Todd Powell of Duvall, Washington, for “Burn Pile”
  • Kelley Walker Perry of Fairland, Indiana, for “Lake Effect”
  • Charles Brashear of Corvallis, Oregon, for “The Enemy”
  • Scott Winokur of Berkeley, California, for “An Occurrence at Bernal Dwellings”
  • Rosalie Metro of Ithaca, New York, for “The Autobiography of Joseph Sameltewski”
  • L.B. Gschwandtner of Stafford, Virginia, for “Piney’s Way”
  • Ann Fox of Northport, New York, for “Indian Hero Almost Meets End at Little Bighorn”
  • John Kimbrough of Beaverton, Oregon, for “Going Home for Christmas”
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