2005 Results

Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition
2005 Contest Winners Announced

First Place

Naomi Benaron of Tucson, Arizona, for “The Chemical Nature of Things”

Second Place

Rich Savastio of Key West, Florida, for “Sushi’s Armada/Kevin’s Typewriter Too”

Third Place

Lana Kyle of Sevierville, Tennessee, for “Five Frames”


(listed in no particular order)

  • George M. Daily of Douglas, Michigan, for “The Reformation of Louis Telini”
  • Arlene Sanders of Flint Hill, Virginia, for “The Arrival”
  • Mal G. King of Santa Paula, California, for “This Intense State of Witness”
  • Gilda A. Herrera of San Antonio, Texas, for “My Brother Chose a Lighthouse”
  • Anan Singh of Oslo, Norway, for “Belie Ram”
  • Elaine Bowers of Confluence, Pennsylvania, for “Shadows in the Mist”
  • Adrian Cole of Maynard, Massachusetts, for “Indian Night”
  • Melinda Field Perlman of Greenview, California, for “The Ledge”
  • Suzanne LaFetra of Berkeley, California, for “Catch and Release”
  • Jeanne Colette Morel of Seattle, Washington, for “Life Without”
  • Gerald Kamens of Arlington, Virginia, for “Friends”
  • Jason Lee Brown of Sullivan, Illinois, for “Rooster”
  • Eric Carter of Bloomington, Illinois, for “Memory is a Mixed Blessing”
  • H.W. Bernard, Jr., of Roswell, Georgia, for “Oregon Grinder”
  • Raymond Morrison of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, for “Steady Rain”
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