2010 Results

Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition
2010 Contest Winners Announced

The internationally respected Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition, now in its 30th year, supports and encourages the efforts of emerging writers of short fiction. Our 2010 competition received 1,653 entries from the United States and throughout the world. Its final judge was Lorian Hemingway, whose books include the critically acclaimed memoir “Walk on Water.”

The awards announcement took place Friday, July 23, during a reception hosted by Tom Oosterhaudt and his mother, Mary Ann Worth, owners of the beautiful Casa Antigua, Ernest Hemingway’s first Key West residence. Supporters of the competition’s literary events are Casa Antigua and Wyland Galleries of Key West. The competition presented a $1,000 first prize, $500 second prize, $500 third prize, and 44 honorable mentions.

The Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition is proud to congratulate the following writers of merit:


Gregg Cusick of Durham, North Carolina, for “Gutted”


Kate Zahnleiter of Queensland, Australia, for “The Cloud Creature”


John Medeiros of Minneapolis, Minnesota, for “Losing Dylan”


(listed in no particular order)

  • Jane Connors of St Peters, Australia, for “Too Much Red My Favourite Colour”
  • Caroline Roberts of  Knoxville, Tennessee, for “A Sweater’s True Story”
  • Douglas Bruton of West Linton, Scotland, for “Harriet and Sparks and Mayflies”
  • Pushkal Juneja of  Noida , India, for “The Wall”
  • Amy Hillgren Peterson of Fostoria, Iowa, for “Namesake”
  • Pranav S. Joshi of Singapore, for “Permanent Distance”
  • Matt Schnarr of Fallbrook, California, for “The Infinite Lines of Thornton Brown”
  • Annemarie Neary of London, England, for “A Little Hell”
  • Dwight Holing of Orinda, California, for “Salt”
  • Julie Wu of Belmont, Massachusetts, for “Daughter Lost”
  • Laurie Ann Cedilnik of Houston, Texas, for “EWR”
  • Brianna Strange of Brooklyn, NY, for “To Be: A Verb Unsurpassable in Accounts of Existential Crises”
  • Natalia Sarkissian of Milan, Italy, for “SOUP”
  • Jewelene Barrile of Brunswick. Australia, for “Hope”
  • Mark Daniel Hicar of  Nashville, Tennessee, for “Getting Used to It”
  • Kate Amatruda of Novato, California, for “Suburbia”
  • Angie Farrow of Palmerston, North New Zealand, for “Acceleration”
  • Anna El-Eini of Washington D.C., for “OF A BROKEN-HEARTED RIVER”
  • Paul D. Marks of Santa Clarita, California, for “ENDLESS VACATION”
  • Mark Howell of Key West, Florida, for “Some Strange Thing”
  • Kimila Bowling of Bloomfield, Missouri, for “Tan Shoes and Pink Shoelaces”
  • Kendal Hay of Shreveport, Louisiana, for “Mayflies in Spring”
  • Sarah Reed Callender of Seattle, Washington, for “Between The Sun and the Oranges”
  • Marie Hermet of Sevres, France, for “Catch A Tiger by the Toe”
  • Louise Hawes of Pittsboro, North Carolina, for “Ancient History”
  • Laura Lewis of Dunedin, New Zealand, for “Reading Turkish Coffee”
  • Ndanyuzwe Gaston of Brussels Belgium, for “Poor Man’s Freedom”
  • Chanel V. Rossi of Aurora, Ohio, for “Hold On to Nothing”
  • L. Edwin Greer of New York, New York, for “Ebb Tide”
  • Michael Pearce of Oakland, California, for “Dragon Arm”
  • C.D. Cashman of Concord, Massachusetts, for “Dear Professor Anglehart”
  • Jon Simonds of The United States, for “Two Gallants”
  • Joann W. Dunn of Marietta, Georgia, for “A Row of Lime Trees”
  • Jan B. Parker of Fuquay Varina, North Carolina, for “Mayme”
  • M.D. Mallicoat of Gerrardstown, West Virginia, for “Piano Boys”
  • Elayne Roman of West Caldwell, New Jersey, for “Small Change”
  • Kaye Park Hinckley of Dothan, Alabama, for “Moon Dance”
  • Justine Siener of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, for “Ivrogne”
  • Barbara Ann Sapp of Paris, France, for “Malaga Sweet, Malaga Dry”
  • Lones Seiber of Morristown, Tennessee, for “Fields Where Glory Does Not Stay”
  • Danielle Rae Bryant of Middletown, Maryland, for “Good Girl”
  • Adam Stanley of Rome, Georgia, for “Hope Chest”
  • Alex Carrick of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, for “The Size of the Skip”
  • M. Esther Sherman of Crestline, California, for “Me, Myself, Still Un-cool”
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