2013 Results

Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition
2013 Contest Winners Announced

This year the Lorian Hemingway Short Story competition, now in its 33rd year, received 1,197 entries from the United States and around the world. Stories were received from Singapore, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, India, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, and Nigeria, to name a few. We are honored, as always, to have had these remarkable stories entrusted to us.

Our first-place winner will receive a cash prize of $1,500 and publication inCutthroat: A Journal of the Arts, founded by American Book Award winner Pamela Uschuk. Second and third-place winners will receive cash prizes of $500 each. Please know that Honorable Mention are listed in no particular order.


Carol Farrelly: Edinburgh, Scotland, for her story “The Telephone Man”


Bryan Allen Fierro: Anchorage, Alaska, for his story “Beto Ordonez”


Eva Lomski: Victoria Australia, for her story “When the Dirt Starts Moving”


  • Homa Mojtabai of Santa Monica, California, for her story: “Berries”
  • Courtney Isbell Fowler of Tempe, Arizona, for her story: “The Patron Saint of Girls”
  • Elan Zafir of Washington, D.C., for his story: “Cloud Stop”
  • Pat Spears of Tallahassee, Florida, for her story: “Stranger at My Door”
  • Ian Caskey of Brooklyn, New York, for his story: “Night at the Oasis”
  • C.M. Wade of Fort Worth Texas, for his story: “What’s So Wrong”
  • Marilyn Warner of Colorado Springs, Colorado, for her story: “August Blood and Ransom”
  • D.C. Gallant of Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, for her story: “The Coin Purse”
  • Adam Stanley of Rome, Georgia, for his story: “To Lie Down in Green Pastures”
  • Milly Heller of New Orleans, Louisiana, for her story: “Beckoning”
  • Marie Vernon of St. Augustine, Florida, for her story: “Blind Faith”
  • Pamela Hawthorne of Lake Wylie, South Carolina, for her story: “Keep We From Ebil”
  • Rigel Madsong of Mill Valley, California, for his story: “A Language for Allye”
  • Christi Cartwright of Syracuse, New York, for her story: “The Rain”
  • John V. Breen of Lymm, Cheshire, United Kingdom, for his story: “The Long Hate”
  • Katherine Hardy of (No city or state given), for her story: “Minnow”
  • Samuel Joseph Taibi of North Kansas City, Missouri, for his story: “Angel Pop”
  • Fate Thompson of Folly Beach, South Carolina, for her story: “Buck Snort”
  • Chukuemaka Smith of St. Petersburg, Florida, for his story: “Jumping High”
  • Randy Coates of Toronto, Ontario Canada, for his story: “Casino”
  • Michael J. Franich of Milton, Washington, for his story: “Une Lettre a un Amie”
  • Michael J. Shepley of Sacramento, California, for his story: “What She Said”
  • Cathy Worthington of San Diego, California, for her story: “Laid Off”
  • Micah Ward of Colorado Springs, Colorado, for her story: “Eye Contact”
  • Audrey Ward of Saint Helena, California, for her story: “Finding Real”
  • Patrick McCusker of Delgany, Wicklow County, Ireland, for his story: “Illusions in the Flow of Dreams”
  • Vickie Weaver of Hagerstown, Indiana, for her story: “The Shootist”
  • Kate Zahnleiter of Annerley, Queensland, Australia of for her story, “The Missing Places”
  • Karen Stevens of Coulee City, Washington, for her story: “All Things Relative”
  • Lottie Brent Boggan of Jackson, Mississippi, for her story: “The Chosen”
  • Patrick McCusker of Delgany, Wicklow County Ireland, for his story: “The Quarry Gang Kids”
  • William Pei Shih of Flushing, New York, for his story: “Big Fish”
  • Jim Dane of Wayzata, Minnesota, for his story: “Annie Without Flowers”
  • Nikki Cole of Douglasville, Georgia, for her story: “These Thoughts”
  • Daphne Kingma of Santa Barbara, California, for her story: “Light”
  • Shaun T. Griffin of Virginia City, Nevada, for his story: “Welton”
  • Daphne Kingma of Santa Barbara, California, for her story: “Her Father’s Body”
  • Steve Lautermilch of Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, for his story: “Au Sable”
  • Amanda Futrell of Antioch, Tennessee, for her story: “What Allen Took”
  • Lindsay M. Mixer of Fullerton, California, for her story: “Muscle Memory”
  • Karen Stevens of Coulee City, Washington, for her story: “The Eight Horse Motor and Other Warnings”
  • Wynona Bice-Stephens of Honolulu, Hawaii, for her story: “Crossville”
  • Laura O’Gorman of Singapore, for her story: “Water and Spice”
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