2016 Results

Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition
2016 Winners and Honorable Mentions

This year the Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition received 803 entries from the United States and around the world, including Spain, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Sweden, Norway, France, South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and China, to name a few.

Our first-place winner will receive a cash prize of $1,500 and publication in Cutthroat…A Journal of the Arts, published by American Book Award winner Pamela Uschuk. Our second- and third-place winners will each receive a cash prize of $500.

I am, as always, grateful for your having entrusted your stories to me. Even if your story did not place, please know that it was given the care and attention and respect it so deserved, and that your words are not forgotten. So many of your stories lodge deep within me, teach me, alter my life for the better, and show me that empathy and compassion are alive and well in the world.

Your stories come from the heart. Call me old-fashioned, but I fully believe that every story that has the capacity to move another and to evoke the human condition — in all its mutable forms — has it’s genesis first in the heart.

To say that I am humbled by your trust and kindness, by the power of your exquisite words, is no cliche with me. In the 35 years of this competition that has not changed, nor will it ever.

Bless you for keeping the heart and soul of fiction alive.


Toby McCasker
Sydney, Australia
for his story: “All Gone”


Rhonda Carrier
Manchester, United Kingdom
for her story: “Night-Fishing”


Jay Thumar
Middletown, Connecticut
for his story: “Shondesh”


*Please note that Honorable Mentions are listed in no particular order.

1) Thilanka Ranatunge
Sri Lanka
for his story “Sold Out”

2) Etkin Camoglu
Tallahassee, Florida
for his story: “Lizard”

3) Peter H.Z. Hsu
Temple City, California
for his story: “Drogheda”

4) Hema Padhu
San Francisco, California
for her story: “Kulfiwala”

5) Julie Zapoli
Ketchum, Idaho
for her story: “The First Day of the Year”

6) Mary Arguelles
West Reading, Pennsylvania
for her story: “Midnight Mercies”

7) Meaghan O’Keeffe
Framingham, Massachusetts
for her story: “A Hundred Silent Ways”

8) Mark Dostert
Houston, Texas
for his story: “The Cart”

9) Erin Kelley
Dallas, Pennsylvania
for her story: “The Foul Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart”

10) Matthew Caldwell
for his story: “The Winter Cabin”

11) Davi Marra
Brooklyn, New York
for his story: “Method2”

12) Nik Bristow
Austin, Texas
for his story: “The Tilt of the World”

13) Maryann Hopper
Marietta, Georgia
for her story “The Losses Go Deeper”

14) Carrie Schiffler
Ontario, Canada
for her story: “From the Corner of BAD and ASS”

15) Natty Myers
Villa Hills, Kentucky
for her story: Mamaboy Learns Goodbye”

16) Marty Sinclair
Glasgow, Scotland
for his story: “Future City”

17) Lones Seiber
Morristown, Tennessee
for his story: “Wednesday’s Child”

18) Micah Ward
Fernandina Beach, Florida
for his story: “The Pauper’s Cemetery”

19) Thomas McGauley
Daytona Beach, Florida
for his story: “Snowboard in Snowbird”

20) Yun Wei
Geneva, Switzerland
for her story: “Geraldine Foggs”

21) Eric B. Greisinger
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
for his story “The Grave Inside the Creek”

22) David McCraney
Tampa, Florida
for his story: “WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE A BOY”

23) Alana Trumpy
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
for her story: ”Compline”

24) Bryan Brunton
Colorado Springs, Colorado
for his story “Kickball”

25) Ola Ruth Ann Brown
Pullman, Washington
for her story: “The Pale Boy”

26) Kathy C. Stewart
Lititz, Pennsylvania
for her story: “Hummingbird, Fly”

27) Karen C. Stone
Seattle, Washington
for her story: “Songbirds Don’t Always Sing Hallelujah”

28) Michael Goldlist
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
for his story: “Juan’s Sacred Birds”

29) Carla Hansen
Caledonia, Michigan
for her story: “Stepping Stones”

30) Blair Hurley
Chicago, Illinois
for his story: “The Deconstruction”

31) Kathleen Crisci
New York, New York
for her story: “No Strings”

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