2008 Results

Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition
2008 Contest Winners Announced


G.L. Osborne of Melbourne, Australia, for “How Can I Write Your Story?”

Gregg Cusick of Durham, North Carolina, for “Latin for Ponder”


Marlene G. Baird of Prescott, Arizona, for “Negotiations”


(listed in no particular order)

  • Brianne Frazier of Washington, DC, for “Come to the Bower”
  • Joanne Bentley of Duncan, British Columbia, Canada, for “Lonely”
  • Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid of Georgetown, Massachusetts, for “The Etiquette of Mourning”
  • Jim Bainbridge of Los Angeles, California, for “War”
  • Heidi Lebauer of Maple Lake, Minnesota, for “The Standard Wash”
  • Erin Jeans of Manassas, Virginia, for “What I Left on That Beach”
  • Ray Morrison of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, for “Who’s the Victim Here?”
  • Debbie Browning of Abingdon, Virginia, for “The Reunion”
  • Colleen Oakes of Phoenix, Arizona, for “Off the Grid”
  • Tiffani Angus-Bodie of Dayton, Ohio, for “If Wishes Were Horses”
  • Kathryn St. Vincent Vogl of Plymouth, Minnesota, for “Disengagement”
  • Tracey Lion-Cachet of Orinda, California, for “Thank You For Coming”
  • Nancy A. Silveria of Johnston, Rhode Island, for “The Backward Carousel”
  • Christina Wierschem of Gilbert, Arizona, for “Just to Hold”
  • Kate Amatruda of Novato, California, for “Wizzy-wig”
  • Matthew Adams of Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada, for “Ramona, Kansas”
  • Dr. Stephen DB Jefferies of East Horsley, Surrey, England, for “Fields of Gold”
  • Patricia L. Fowler of Derry, New Hampshire, for “Sea Glass”
  • G.L. Osborne of Melbourne, Australia, for “Letters From the Hotel”
  • Pradeep Govind of Vadapalani, Chennai, India, for “Unto Thy Neighbor …”
  • Keven Schnadig of New York, New York, for “When a Pawn Becomes a Queen”
  • Kal Rosenberg of Gainesville, Florida, for “The Nightwalker Dances with Ginger Rogers”
  • Peter Paton of East Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, for “After the Silence”
  • Douglas Bruton of West Linton, Scotland, United Kingdom, for “An Iquitos Story”
  • Billie Louise Jones of Hot Springs, Arkansas, for “Port Bon Temps”
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