2001 Results

Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition
2001 Contest Winners Announced

First Place

Kate Small of Kirkland, Washington, for “Mira Instead”

Second Place

Greg Tebbano of Saratoga Springs, New York, for “Only Children”

Third Place

Neale McDevitt of Montreal, Canada, for “The Lighthouse Keeper”

Kermit “Shine” Forbes Award

The late G. Joseph Roach of Key West, Florida


(listed in no particular order)

  • Joseph M. Giordano of Prague, Czechoslovakia, and Chicago, Illinois, for “Right”
  • Tory McCagg of Providence, Rhode Island, for “Chain Material”
  • Christopher Dungey of Lapeer, Michigan, for “Mother’s Day”
  • Peter Paul Smith of Hopkins, Minnesota, for “After All”
  • Elysia Whisler of Manassas, Virginia, for “Susquehanna Girls”
  • Nancy Middleton of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, for “Charity”
  • Richard Alan Rykard of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for “Another Run”
  • Jessica Treglia of Irvine, California, for “October”
  • Anne Leigh Parrish of Seattle, Washington, for “What Do You Want Most in the Whole World?”
  • Erika Mikkalo of Chicago, Illinois, for “Peek-A-Boo”
  • Neale McDevitt of Montreal, Canada, for “Dark Girl”
  • Linda M. Young of Sylva, North Carolina, for “Minos”
  • Chris Harold of Libertyville, Illinois, for “Big Game”
  • Elizabeth Weld of Charleston, South Carolina, for “Between You”
  • James J. White of New York, New York, for “Irish Bar Mitzvah”
  • Peter Jay Herrmann of Scottsdale, Arizona, for “The Dog Food Lesson”
  • Sharon Walsh of San Diego, California, for “Cake”
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