2011 Results

Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition
2011 Contest Winners Announced

The Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition is proud to congratulate the following writers of merit:


Darci Bysouth of Edinburgh, Scotland for “Hold”


Jennifer R. Adams of Birchunville, PA for “Girl on a Balcony”


John T. Biggs of Oklahoma City, OK for “Soul Kisses”


(listed in no particular order)

  • Megan Doyle Corcoran of Wellington, New Zealand, for “Only the Scars Are Right”
  • Fran Haley of Zebulon, N.C for “Anomaly”
  • Karen Turner of Morington, Australia for “Crazy Cat Lady”
  • Vicki Riley of St. Cloud, FL, for “De Nada”
  • Elaine Murphy of  Vancouver, B.C., for “November 25th”
  • Douglas Bruton of Scotland, for “Godforsaken Stone Gilbert”
  • Kari Baumbach of Edina, MN, for “Lepidoptery”
  • Tom Deegan of Tipperary, Ireland, for “Magpies”
  • Leah Kaminsky of Austin, TX, for “And How the Algae Twines”
  • Megan Ainsworth of Florence, MS, for “Lucky’s”
  • Mahalia Solanges of Lauderhill, FL, for “Vague in Conversation”
  • Matthew Merkl, M.D. of Holmdel, N.J., for “CLAY”
  • Kay Cruse of Menomonie, WI, for “The Bunker”
  • Waimea Williams of Kaneohe, Hawaii, for “What You Find and What You Keep”
  • Jeffrey L. Schneider of Ellenville, N.Y., for “A Pair of Soup”
  • Todd Flynn of  Ainsworth, Nebraska, for “The Roofer Marking Time”
  • Paul Michel of Seattle, WA, for “Big Night”
  • Olesya O. Maximenko of Moscow, Russia, for “Purple”
  • 19) Ames John Gigounas of Brooklyn, N.Y., for “Water”
  • Hal Ackerman of Los Angeles, CA, for “Leash”
  • Alex Carrick of Toronto Ontario, Canada, for “Caboose Follies”
  • Ladee Hubbard of New Orleans, Louisiana, for “There He Go”
  • Dana Fitz Gale of Missoula, MT, for “Schooling”
  • Athena Abrams of Boulder, CO, for “The Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrel”
  • Ayodi Chrispinus Handa of Goodnews Mission, Nairobi, Kenya, for “The Blind Love”
  • Kate Zahnleiter of Queensland, Australia, for “Lullaby for the Living”
  • Abdul Adan of St. Louis, MO, for “SAMAN”
  • Eileen Sutton of New York, N.Y., for “Dear Mr. Doctorow”
  • Dwaine Rieves of Washington, D.C., for “The Eager Eagle”
  • Sarah Bowman of Port Townsend, WA, for “The Lords of Life”
  • Lesley Truffle of Victoria, Australia, for “The Secret Game”
  • Steve Fayer of Boston, MA, for “The Diver’s Game”
  • Margaret Lawrence of Culpepper, VA, for “But Not to the Swift”
  • Douglas Bruton of Scotland, for “The Bed Lucy Made, and She Lies in It”
  • Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid of Georgetown, MA, for “Snip It”
  • David E. Lee of Gerrardstown of Jacksonville, FL, for “Dreams Come True”
  • Vickie Weaver of Haverstown, IN, for “The Shootist”
  • Benjamin Doty of St. Paul, MN, for “Trains”
  • Kyria Amtsfeld of Berlin, Germany, for “Ra’s ahl gul”
  • Jordan E. Rosenfeld of Morgan Hill, CA, for “Final Billing”
  • David Holloway of St. Louis, MO, for “A Head in My Garden”
  • Adam Stanley of Rome, GA, for “Eucharist”
  • Laura Borden of Merseyside, UK, for “Ðogwood”
  • John-Paul Cirelli of New Port Richey, FL, for “Pasteboard Masks”
  • Helen Sedwick of Santa Rosa, CA, for “Bourbon and Pipesmoke”
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